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Possibilities of
application in the private sector.

Fire fighting

Drones can replace the traditional way of operation in many corporate tasks, after the Federal Aviation Admin- istration extended the authorization for commercial, Non- Hobbyist use. Drones can save time and money as they require less human intervention, improving data analysis, allowing businesses to better understand and anticipate performance. Drones even enable new business models and prospects in industries to become commonplace in businesses ranging to environment issues, journalism, medical support, etc. The industrial drone fleet in Europe and the United States will be worth $50 billion, having over 1 million units by 2050, with the majority of the value tied to services and data collecting (BlueWeave Consulting).

Long distance delivery

Amazon region and many other remote areas in Brazil lack proper structure, inhabitants rarely have access to basic items needed for a proper living, such as ordinary supplies and medicines. Delivering those items to those regions may become a major problem especially in urgent cases, due to the long distances that must be traveled within a relatively short period of time.

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